Lord Antos Corazon

Antos Corazon is a noble from Arkad, the head of House Corazon and the former High Lord of Corhyr.


House Corazon of Arkad is perhaps the most powerful house in Corhyr. Antos made the decision to end the Trade Pacts with Thrane, Tashar and the Dwarven Principalities, deciding that the resources provided by those allies (mainly ores, food, weapons and mercenaries) were no longer so urgently required since the emergence of the bread of heaven. He has decided to side with Darcassen Voss on the issue of the Thranish succession, though he is probably aware of the rumours that the wizard had Kaori murdered. Antos' political position is not as secure as he likes to pretend, however - he became High Lord only with the support of the Garazzi, Caradici and Valantos families. There is also a serious feud between his own house and the Mandrigas - Antos' son Dominic died in a duel against Dario's son Roberto. Antos has attempted to look past that event, but his diplomatic efforts have so far been unsuccessful.
Marco Corazon

Young Marco


Antos is considered extremely shrewd, though some would argue that he can be proud, ambitious and even ruthless. He has short dark hair and a closely cut beard. Although he does not have much training in combat, he often wears his family's armour (forged by the hobgoblins of Tashar and enchanted by the wizards of Thrane) to remind others of his power and position.

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Marco's paramour Violet

Antos met Vantis and Lannus in the city of Arkad, though he refused to allow the elves led by Orzan Shadowslayer to enter the city. He later held a war council which was interrupted when the rakshasa Ravana used sorcery to possess him and use dessication magic on all those present. After that incident, Vantis gently suggested that Antos be removed from power. Antos resisted this idea. He later lost the position of High Lord to Rodrigo Valantos.