Arra disciplined both body and mind

Arra was a Stargazer of Ramandu's Rock.


Arra was born in Thrane to a poor family. She was to be married, but her betrothed died from a terrible sickness. She then decided to join the Stargazers in an attempt to find peace. During one argument with Brother Javter she lost her temper and struck him. Roke gave her a choice between giving up combat training for a year and acting as Javter's servant for a month - she chose the latter. Strangely, Javter and Arra became close friends afterwards.


Sister Arra was a young Thranishwoman whose primary responsibility was to instruct acolytes in various forms of combat. She kept her hair short and could be terse with people, though she was also known to offer spiritual counsel and support to acolytes suffering from doubts or dilemnas.

In the CampaignEdit

Arra was killed when the hill giants attacked Ramandu's Rock.

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