Asora at Night

Asora at Night

Asora is the capital city of Corhyr , also known as the City of Sighs.


Asora was constructed with the assistance of dwarven stonewrights, and the examples of their style can be seen on many of the bridges, turrets and walls all over the city. The council representatives of the three greater noble families of Asora are Lady Maria CaradiciLord Lorenzo Garazzi and Lord Vittorio Daviara. Locals joke about a guild of thieves that haunts the city, but the noble families believe that this guild has been wiped out. There is a Thranish a 


The City of Sighs lies on the coast where the river Alessa meets the sea, and is widely regarded as Corhyr's finest jewel. It also has the reputation of being the best place in all the world for pursuing all forms of pleasure. From smoked fish and herb breads to smokegrass and rich dark wine. There is a grand tradition of the performance of theatre and music, conjuring moods both merry and mournful over the streets and canals. The people love masks inspired by sand elves, and they are worn both at festivals, in playhouses, in brothels and at the great parties of the noble families.