Atazar Valley

Atazar Valley

Atazar was a goatfolk village to the north of Ramandu's Rock.


Atazar was ancient - the last remaining goatfolk mountain village other than Badeb. Sand elves sometimes raided the place, but the goatfolk generally placated them with offerings of food or prisoners. The goatfolk worshipped the Lord of the Wastes, offering sacrifices to him and his servants and leaving their fallen to the vultures. They were led by a shaman named Old Shaef, who paid tribute to the Lords of Dust (in particular a rakshasa named Idrajit).


Atazar is a well-hidden village in an isolated valley. The dwellings are extremely crude. The social and religious centre of the village is a cave network on the north side of the village.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus arrived in Atazar just in time to prevent the slaughter of the goatfolk, killing Old Shaef and Idrajit and driving away Idrajit's sand elves. However Idrajit's sand elves later returned to continue their raids, abducting many of the young goatfolk and killing the old. A few managed to escape to Ramandu's Rock.