Darevor was a Thranish wizard.


Darevor achieved the rank of journeyman while studying under the master wizard Vedansh. He was the first wizard to spend a night alone guarding the cells containing Ahiravan and Ravana. He had been disturbed by the experience, and subsequently the wizards used spells to obscure light and muffle sound from the cells. Darevor was ordered by an unknown master to help Kasimir assassinate Kaori and frame Nicholas - Darevor's role was to magically compel Nicholas to kill the Empress. However the zookeeper Mira interrupted his spell and killed him with her shortsword.


Darevor had long fair hair, a short braided beard and a dull red robe. Easily bored, he often used spells to conjure dancing lights to amuse himself. Though relatively inexperienced, Darevor was extremely cynical and frequently offered criticism to anyone he spoke to. Like Vedansh, he was particularly skilled with enchantment magic. This might explain - along with his good looks and position - his success with women.

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