Dario Mandriga

Lord Dario Mandriga

Roberto Mandriga

Dario's son Roberto

Dario is a Corhyrian nobleman and the head of the Mandriga family of Arkad. He has a son named Roberto and a daughter named Sophia.


For many years there has been a feud in the city of Arkad between the Corazons and the Mandrigas (historically the two most powerful Corhyrian houses) - Dario's son Roberto even killed Antos' son Dominic in a duel. Antos has attempted to reach out to the Mandrigas and make peace, but Dario remains determined to oppose him. Dario supported Vittorio Daviara's attempts to remove Antos from power, helping Rodrigo Valantos gain the position of High Lord. Dario was then given control of Corhyr's military.


Young Mandriga

Dario's daughter Sophia

Dario is tall and strong, with thick dark hair and a short beard. Dario is hot-tempered and confrontational, and has made many enemies over the years. He opposes Antos Corazon on almost every issue. He is extremely protective of his daughter Sophia. He also carries the Mandriga family sword, an enchanted blade named Perseverance. He is a fierce warrior, and fought to defend the city of Arkad from the Howlers.

In the CampaignEdit

Dario asked Vantis and Lannus to investigate the possibility that Antos and Vedansh were conspiring, and to discover if Kaori Valarion was being held captive by the Corazons somewhere in the city of Arkad. He did not mention the source of his information, but claimed that Nicholas had been framed and that the assassin was currently staying with his ally Vittorio Daviara in Asora. Vantis and Lannus decided against helping him, and it later turned out that Kaori was in fact in the custody of Mandriga's ally Lorenzo Garazzi - though it is unclear if Mandriga was aware of this at the time.