Erian was a kenku who served Khreeshan and the Lords of Dust.


Erian lived in Asora, where he suffered abuse and ostracism. He joined a guild of thieves, but he made more enemies than allies in those circles. He was approached by the Lords of Dust, and agreed to serve them in return for assistance in exacting vengeance from those who had wronged him. With the help of his new masters, Erian developed the skills he needed to hunt down and murder his enemies. He mainly served Khreeshan as a messenger, but he was also skilled at theft and infiltration. Erian stole an adamantine key from the wizard Talmorian on Khreeshan's orders and was bringing it to Lorian Lassad in Tal Dara when he was attacked and killed by the minotaur Ruskar, who took the key.


Erian was a Twisted One, meaning that he had the backs of his hands were where his palms should be and vice versa. He was not a competent fighter, and so relied mainly on stealth and cunning to achieve his aims. He usually wore a hood and cloak to avoid attention. He was extremely difficult to talk to, hearing threats and insults in the slightest comment.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus investigated the ruins of Erian's caravan for Lorian Lassad. They discovered that he had been killed, and his possessions stolen.

Erian's LetterEdit

My servant Erian,

I am pleased that you have finally obtained the key, but it cannot stay in Thrane. You will bring it to Tal Dara - a dwarf named Lorian Lassad waits for you there. He is a weak fool who knows nothing of the powers he is serving, but he can be trustd to follow his orders.

The hobs and the wizards should be distracted by the siege of Daln - their attention should be elsewhere. As for the elves, your appearance - and your hands, show them your hands - should be enough to convince them that you are mine, and they will not harm you.

No, the main complication will likely be the mage Akred, who lives in Tal Dara. By the time you reach Lorian the wizards will almost certainly have become aware of the situation and alerted their agent - he will be aware of the keys and their significance to some extent at least. He is clever and resourceful, and will try to take the key. Avoid him.

There is also a chance that the Stargazers will attempt to interfere. You should deal with them as we always have - kill them without hesitation or mercy. Apart from that, your journey should be a safe one. Mortals fear the desert, as they should, but you will be protected. The Lord of the Wastes watches over you, Erian. He waits for you, but patiently.