Korgul leads the Howlers to battle

Korgul was the chieftain of the orc Howler clan.


Korgul was born in the Pit of Screams. He killed his father Brakus and took his father's mate Srana (not Korgul's mother) as his own. He then assumed his father's position as chieftain of the Howler clan. Korgul then began a campaign of terror - demanding that all orcs anywhere in the world submit to his rule and join the Howlers. If he captured any orcs who had not, he made examples of them by crucifying them after torturing them to death. The justification for this punishment was then tattooed on their bodies - usually their clan affiliation. Korgul had also bribed trolls and giants into serving him by providing them with fresh, living meat. His patrols attacked and slaughtered any travellers they thought they could, taking all that they could carry.


Korgul was a large orc with greasy grey hair and dry yellow skin. He was a savage fighter who slaughtered his foes with a huge scythe-like weapon or with his bare hands. He was always wary of challenges to his authority, and had been known to execute on the spot any orc who defied him or even questioned his commands. He was cunning and sadistic, aspiring to conquer his enemies through sheer ferocity.

In the CampaignEdit

Korgul's horde attacked and almost eradicated the orc clan known as the Pigs. They later attacked the city of Daln in order to release Ahiravan and Ravana. They were also responsible for the giant attack on Ramandu's Rock. Later Korgul and Ravana led the Howlers against Corhyr, conquering the city of Lyrelda and threatening the city of Arkad. Vantis, Lannus, Orzan and Gahrok entered Lyrelda to kill Korgul, but were unable to gain access to the keep. Korgul had commanded the Howlers to stay in Lyrelda, believing an attack on Arkad to be a poor strategic move. Ravana wanted to attack, whereas other Howlers such as Feng and Hagu wanted to return north. When Korgul left the keep to confront Feng for leadership of the clan, Vantis and Lannus attacked and captured him. They used teleportation magic to return to Arkad, and Korgul was executed.

Unlocked Statistics BlockEdit

CR14 Raging Korgul - Medium Orc Barbarian 14 HP166 Initiative+0 Speed-20(4) AC26(T10,NFF)

Swordspear+29/+24/+19 (d10+16/18-20) or Swordspear+22/+17/+12 (d10+30/18-20)

Abilities28(22),10,(20)14,15,10,14 Saves+14+9+12

SQ Flanking+4, DR3, Improved uncanny dodge, darkvision, Howling DC26, Improved Attack+3, Power Attack+14

Equipment - Heavy full plate+4, Swordspear+3, Thickskin pendant+3, Ring of protection+2