Khreeshan and Sobek discuss the future

Khreeshan and Sobek discuss their plans

The Lords of Dust are group of jinn and rakshasas who spread chaos and destruction in the name of the Lord of the Wastes.


Rakshasas were originally created by the Lord of the Wastes, but the Lords of Dust also includes what some Stargazers have termed "fallen"  or "corrupted" jinn. The Lords of Dust have no leader other than their deity, but when the rakshasa Khreeshan joined he bullied the others into obeying him. For many years the group had been inactive, their actions calculated to serve their own interests rather than to bring desolation to the world - the name had become nothing more than an empty title. Khreeshan ensured that they once again became an active force.


A group of jinn and rakshasas, they are served by Waste Preachers, sand elves, goatfolk, and others who worship the Desolate One. However their most favoured mortal servants are the Twisted Ones - mortals who have been marked by a powerful rakshasa. The hands of a twisted one are reversed, so as to resemble the hands of their masters. This is said to be a step in the transformation of a mortal into a rakshasa.

In the CampaignEdit

Lords of Dust who have met their ends at the hands of Vantis and Lannus include Idrajit, Pyreos, Kahaeshan and Khreeshan himself.