Lorenzo Garazzi

Lord Lorenzo of Asora is the head of the Garazzi family, and brother to Isabella and Eduardo.


Lorenzo became the head of his family at a young age, and set about securing his political position by forming an alliance with the Corazons of Arkad, consequently alienating the rival Mandriga family. Lorenzo supported Antos Corazon in his bid for the position of High Lord, later expressed support for the High Lord's plan to defend the legitimacy of the new emperor's claim to the Thranish throne in return for assistance from the Thranish military in defending Corhyr from the Howlers. However the orc mercenary Kaldak delivered Kaori Valarion to the Garazzi estate, where she was held (comfortably, but nevertheless against her will) for at least a few weeks. Lorenzo pursuaded her that the High Lord Antos Corazon was in league with Darcassen Voss, who sought to remove her from power, and that her only chance to reclaim her throne was to use his influence to persuade the Corhyrian Council to take her side. Lorenzo did not tell her, but Dario Mandriga and Vittorio Daviara had already formed an alliance for this purpose. Lorenzo then convinced Rodrigo Valantos to join them by offering him the position of High Lord.
Eduardo, Lorenzo's brother

Eduardo Garazzi


Lorenzo is tall and handsome, with lustrous black hair and a booming laugh. He is charming and eloquent, with a keen mind for politics. His estate has beautiful gardens, where he likes to hold magnificent parties. He has attracted hundreds of women hoping to claim him as a husband, but none of them were successful.

In the Campaign Edit

Lorenzo held a masked ball at his estate to celebrate his betrothal to Kaori Valarion, attended by Vantis and Lannus.