Lyrelda burns


Lyrelda is a small city in Corhyr, in the southern foothills of the Golden Mountains.


Lyrelda was founded many centuries ago by the Valantos family as an investment in trade and agriculture. The Corhyrian Council generally avoided wasting resources on what they saw as a peripheral area - and the neglect has caused the Valantos family to resent the control of the major cities of Asora and Arkad. Lyrelda was also the location of the headquarters of the Merchant's League (managed by Silvio Valantos), though this organization seems to be no longer active. Until Rodrigo Valantos, the Valantos family was the only one of the Corhyrian greater houses never to have held the position of High Lord - something they deeply wished to change. A few months after Daln fell to the Howlers, the city was burned and occupied by that same horde led by Korgul and Ravana. After the horde was defeated at Arkad, Corhyrians began to return to the city and a process of gradual restoration has begun, though the memories of the atrocities committed cannot easily be forgotten.


The noble family of Lyrelda is House Valantos, and they hold a small keep in front of the gallows square in the centre of the town. Lyrelda is surrounded by fertile land, but unlike Arkad is not defensible. The farms surrounding Lyrelda produce supply Corhyr with fruits and grains. A recently restored mill on the southern side of the city provides a view of the land around.
Howlers Burn Lyrelda

Lyrelda Burns

In the Campaign Edit

Vantis, Lannus, Orzan and Gahrok entered Lyrelda with the objective of killing Korgul and Ravana in the hope of scattering the Howler horde. They succeeded in rescuing some Corhyrian prisoners from a mill controlled by Hagu Heartripper, but were unable to gain access to Lyrelda Keep. Vantis then accidentally lit a beacon which was the signal for Hagu to set the mill on fire, burning all the remaining prisoners. After they killed Korgul, much of the horde fled north (led by chieftains such as Feng, Hagu and the troll Golg) while Ravana led what was left against the city of Arkad.