Maharion was a Thranish wizard.


Maharion served the Thranish Empress Kaori Valarion as a trusted advisor for many years, and they were extremely close. He had spent much of his life studying wish magic (he even became friends with the dwarf Lazarus through his work) and the history of Charn, and eventually organized an expedition to the ruined city after struggling to gather all the adamantine keys. One of his former students was Akred, who remained his ally long after they moved apart. Maharion held the fourth adamantine key, which he stored in an enchanted lead chest which had the power to conceal items within from divination magic (the chest now lies at Ramandu's Rock).


Maharion had a long white beard and a trembling voice. He was extremely skilled with divination magic. He was loyal to Thrane and to the Empress, and intended to give her one of the wishes. He believed that as he contributed one of the keys and much of the financial support for the Charn expedition, his request to offer one of the Charn wishes to his empress should be honoured by the Stargazers.

In the CampaignEdit

His attempts to gather all the adamantine keys failed and he was forced to compromise by combining his efforts with those of Vantis and Lannus. During his stay in Ramandu's Rock he spoke to the Stargazer Luke. He was later ambushed and killed by the rakshasa Ravana on the way to Charn.