Mira was a Thranish adventurer and zookeeper.


A dunewinder - Mira gave this sandwyrm a danger rating of 10


Mira was once a successful adventurer, an old friend of Kaldor and perhaps Calantyr. When she retired she used her experience with monsters and animals to assist with the establishment and maintenance of the Imperial Zoo of Daln. She had a great deal of experience with various kinds of sandwyrms during her career, and even wrote a book which divided them into various scientific categoriesMira sometimes mocked the rakshasa Ravana while the creature was kept there, announcing to audiences that Ravana was currently being trained to perform various tricks. When the wizard Darevor and the assassin Kasimir attempted to assassinate the Empress Kaori, Mira intervened and killed Darevor with her shortsword. However she was then captured by Srana and Ravana as they escaped, and has not been seen since.

Century Worm

A century worm - Mira gave this monster a danger rating of 19


Mira was old and her hair was grey, but her body still bore layers of lean muscle. Scars were visible all over her body, and at some point in her career her right arm was severely burned.

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