Samon Yazid

Samon Yazid was the nineteenth and last godking, though he was the seventeenth to assume the title and actually rule Charn.


As a godking Samon Yazid used his influence to seek out vessels - using one of these vessels (that of the genie Pyreos) to achieve some form of immortality and keeping three more imprisoned jinn (Imaan, Farzaan, and another mysterious third) in the passages beneath Charn. He reigned brutally for hundreds and hundreds of years without fathering a single heir, and eventually there was a rebellion which started a war between the Yazid dynasty and the sand elves. After Gael used a wish to kill stop the hearts of all the dark elves, the rebels entered the city of Charn to find that Samon alone still walked. They overpowered the godking and used his adamantine keys to seal him in the tombs beneath Charn, from which Samon was unable to escape for countless centuries - without the five keys to unlock the adamantine gates he could access neither the imprisoned genies in the vaults below nor the sunlit world above. Over the years Samon's unholy powers became stronger, and he developed the dark power to animate the corpses he had been trapped with and compel them to obey his commands.

Samon Yazid during his youth

Samon during his youth


Samon may have been insane before the rebellion, but even so his mind has been warped further by the centuries he spent alone in Charn surrounded only by the dead. His damaged mind dreams of using his powers to resurrect the entire dark elf race and conquering the world with this undead army. Samon has many dark powers - in fact it may be impossible to truly destroy him. He appears as a mummified, skeletal figure.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus fought their way past Samon's undead minions and defeated him, removing his limbs and sealing him in the treasure chamber. However the Thranish wizard Vedansh claims that he later found that room empty.