Old Shaef

Old Shaef of Atazar

Shaef is a goatfolk waste preacher from Atazar.


Shaef led the villagers of Atazar in seasonal sacrifices of goatfolk to the Lord of the Wastes. He had dealings with the Lords of Dust through the rakshasa Idrajit. He willingly assisted Idrajit in gathering the goatfolk of Atazar into a cave to burn them all in a mass sacrifice.


Shaef was old and twisted, and his horns were crooked. He wore a necklace made of beads and bones. The wrists of his hands were reversed, marking him as a servant of the Lords of Dust. He was possibly insane.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus interrupted Shaef and Idrajit during their mass sacrifice and killed them, saving the goatfolk.

Unlocked Statistics BlockEdit

CR13 Old Shaef - Goatfolk3, Druid5, Shaman7

HP101 Speed30(6) Initiative+5 AC24(T11,FF23)

Spear+18+13+8(d8+7) and headbutt+11 (d6+4)

Saves+11+8+12 Abilities - 16(12) 13 14 8 16 14

Active Effects - Pack Fervor, Strength+4

Speech+9 Intimidate+13 Survival+12 Concentrate+9

Perception+10 Waste Lore+6 Thickskin 5

SQ Circle of Loyalty, Bonfire 7d4,DC20,1/day

Darkvision, Wickerman DC20,1/day, Trackless Step

Spells 6/6/5/5 4-Heal3d8+12 III 6-Summon Dire Bear

5-Wall of Fire, Call Storm, Baleful Polymorph

Equipment - Spear+2, Studded+3