Slark is an adventurer from the city of Cliffbreak. It is unlikely that this is his true name, but rather a reference to the squawking sound he makes when he talks.


Slark was born into a disadvantaged kenku community in the dwarven metropolis of Cliffbreak. When he was a hatchling he learned the skills of a thief in order to survive, but was unhappy with his life and eventually joined the Corhyrian navy. Many of his loved ones were later killed by Razak, and Slark faked his death to devote his resources to tracking the murderer down.


Slark is a young, handsome kenku with sleek black feathers. He is extremely agile and wields his scimitar expertly. Since he killed Razak, he has developed a taste for delivering justice. This purpose in his life has brought Slark the satisfaction that he never found in Cliffbreak.

In the CampaignEdit

Slark approached Vantis and Lannus in Arkad and helped them kill the waste preacher Razak.