The stargazers are an order based in the monastery of Ramandu's Rock.



The stargazers were founded by the legendary Ramandu, who established the monastery. Although they are an order of self-proclaimed philosophers and contemplatives, they've been interfering with politics for hundreds of years. When they've felt knowledge obtained obliged them to do so, the order has intervened to protect the world from anticipated chaos. These actions sometime involve an individual member of the order attempting to carry out some important task, or a messenger being sent to a city to warn of an imminent danger. These interventions have so far never resulted in a stargazer assuming a position of political power and are generally considered to be honourable and righteous, but despite this both Corhyrian and Thranish rulers have conspired to murder stargazers over the years.


They claim that destiny is revealed through the stars, and spend much of their time studying the monuments of the constellations and learning to be masters of their minds and bodies. However, though stargazers often attempt to give outsiders the impression that their knowledge comes for their astronomical observations, almost all of the information that they attribute to the stars comes for other sources. They have access to powerful divination magic, a secret network of loyal agents who provide them with information from all over the world, and the vast libraries of the fortress (whose heavy tomes your hands are holding now),.The monastery is managed by a council of masters (such as Owego, Roke and Javter) which makes decisions on behalf of the stargazers. A stargazer can be nominated to join the council only by another master, but must also gain the consent of half the monastery. There is also a court, where up to three masters act as judges. Stargazer punishments are usually meted out in the form of choices - such as the choice between a fine or penance service. The stargazers also advocate the use of marijuana for the purposes of meditation. The Stargazers also train their members in the discipline of the Sacred Fist - a form of combat powerful enough to both defeat and subdue without ending life before judgement.