Talmorian was a Thranish wizard.


Talmorian studied in Andros with his friend Calantyr. He later managed a commercial endeavor called Talmorian's Dungeon in the Merchant's Quarter of Daln, which held many valuable relics (including the first adamantine key, which was stolen by Erian). Talmorian never mentioned the key to Maharion, perhaps because he was unaware of its significance or because he had some kind of rivalry with the other mage. He continued to sell magical items to scholars and adventurers with the assistance of the kenku Beakface until he was killed during the hob occupation of Daln. His will stated that his wish was to leave his establishment to a prostitute named Petal who he often visited at the Red Snake Inn. Vantis and Lannus decided to allow Beakface to manage the place, as long as he consented to provide for Petal.


Sand Golem

One of Talmorian's sand golems

Talmorian was secretive man. He had a great deal of experience with arcane relics and with conjuration magic. He created magical bags which allowed customers to sell treasure from far away. He wore ornate blue robes and many pieces of golden jewellery. He had long white hair and a pointed beard. He created golems to guard the lower levels of his home, regularly visited brothels and according to Beakface was a cruel and violent man. He was also impatient with his apprentices, and dismissed Luke from his service for supposed insubordination.