Bread of Heaven

"You see this? This proves that there is someone watching over for us."

The bread of heaven is a phenomenon triggered by the hobgoblin Stargazer Lannus.


Lannus released the genie Farzaan, and chose to grant people the ability to create their own sustenance. When people began to realize the significance of the bread of heaven, many people abandoned their farms, their homes and their workplaces. Many are becoming Stargazers and adventurers. The bread of heaven may also have inspired Abigail to establish the Church of the Provider. Isabella Garazzi managed to find breadmakers with the ability to create variations of the bread of heaven with particularly interesting appearance, shape, texture and taste.


Whenever one is hungry and wishes for food, they can instinctively create a white papery substance to sustain them - though the exact texture, shape, colour and even taste vary between individuals. Larger beings such as giants and ogres do not seem to have gained the ability, and people still require water to survive. Similarly, Otherworlders such as jinn and rakshasas are unable to use this ability.

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