The third of the Charn Vessels, containing a supposedly malicious otherworlder

Vessels are mysterious artefacts, each containing a single genie as well as a shard of immense power.

History Edit

Vessel is a term coined by the Stargazers to describe the prisons of the jinn. Vessels seem as old as the earth, and have been found scattered all over the world - but never the otherworld. Throughout history mortals have discovered vessels and conversed with the jinn inside - usually resulting in a bargain being struck between the genie and the mortal. The genie is released, the vessel destroyed - and in exchange the mortal is granted a single wish of tremendous power. Mortals who have struck deals (or "wishmakers") include Gael, Lazarus and Samon Yazid. It is not known what entity imprisoned the jinn inside these vessels, or indeed why they did it.

Description Edit

Vessels are dark spheres about the size of a human head. They are heavy, smooth and warm to the touch. Beautiful colours move beneath their surfaces. The jinn inside can appear in the glass and whisper to the mortal who holds the vessel, The jinn are apparently conscious during their imprisonment, and find it close to intolerable. They apparently have the power to reject requests, but almost never choose to use it. For some reason jinn cannot make agreements with otherworlders, and their "wishes" seem to have no effect in the otherworld. Another rule seems to be that no mortal can use a vessel twice, which resulted in Samon Yazid's hoarding of vessels.

In the Campaign Edit

Maharion arranged an expedition to Charn with Vantis and Lannus, though he was murdered by Ravana during the journey. Vantis and Lannus found three vessels beneath the ruins, and used two of them to make wishes. Vantis struck a deal with Imaan, and Lannus struck a deal with Farzaan.