Walter Joseph Casvok

Walter Joseph Casvok

Walter Casvok is a Thranishman and former Stargazer.


Walter was not content to spend his life as a Stargazer safely in Ramandu's Rock. He decided to travel, and for many years attempted to fight the forces of chaos wherever he went. He came to Daln shortly before the hobgoblins attacked, and killed them from the shadows during the occupation. He was later offered a choice between confinement and exile from Ramandu's Rock, and chose the latter.


Walter is a lean, bald Thranishman. He fights with a kama and is an energetic fighter. His sanity has been damaged, and he sees enemies everywhere. Perhaps as a result of his changing outlook, he no longer has the control required to use many of his abilities.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus prevented Walter from assassinating the hobgoblin Zarek during the occupation of Daln. They later confronted him and established an uneasy alliance. Walter has not been seen for some time.